Team Standards

The following is key information that you will need to know as a musician and/or singer at one of our locations. Our church exists to reach every person in the city and help them take their next step toward God and making Jesus the leader of their life. Our desire is that through our service and music that people would see that life is truly found in Jesus. We love what we do! We also strive to maintain a standard of excellence so that God is honored and our services are free from distraction. The following procedures and guidelines all help achieve that goal. Thank you for being part of this movement of God.



Bands and singers will receive their schedule one month in advance.

All scheduling is done through Planning Center. You are required to accept or deny each date requested within three to five days, and commit to that schedule unless there is an emergency and you can’t be there.

Band members and singers who continually back out of accepted dates will be asked to take a break from the team.

Blockout Dates – Please schedule blockout dates, at a minimum, two months in advance. This allows our leaders to schedule accordingly and without confusion.

Preferences – If you have a preference to how many times you would be willing to serve during the month, please set that up in your profile on Planning Center.


Charts for scheduled songs will be posted online two weeks in advance. To download charts, practice tracks, and any additional resources, go to You will be given an account with a username and a password.

Be punctual. Arrive at the location and/or the rehearsal space you are assigned to on time. Remember, start times are when we start, not when we setup and get ready. Show up early to setup your gear. Remember, all tuning and equipment setup should be happening before the practice so that we can be prompt and start on time.

All band members and singers are expected to show up to rehearsal prepared. Familiarize yourself during the week with each song that you will be playing.

You are under the direction of the location worship leader during rehearsal. When items are being discussed, do not play your instrument so that everyone is able to pay attention.

Sunday services

No charts are allowed on stage during services. Knowing your material is crucial in crowd engagement and stage presence, as well as letting you be free to worship.

While playing during service, body language and facial expressions are just as critical as knowledge of music. People are more likely to engage in worship when they see you worshipping and singing. Band members should do their best to also sing along with the music.

Immediately after the first service, the worship team will meet to evaluate the first service and make proper adjustments for the following services.

Do not leave water bottles on stage during services.

Pull back microphone/instrument cables neatly at the end of the worship set so that they will not be unsightly or a potential hazard. We always want a clean stage.

Everyone assists in set-up and tear-down.


The aim for a “Dress Code” is to minimize distractions and represent the vision and culture of Epic Church while on stage. Just as we don’t want to be sloppy in our music, we don’t want to sloppy in our appearance. We want to communicate a spirit of excellence in everything we do. We also want to communicate that we are a different church that breaks negative or traditional stereotypes. We want our team to have freedom in their dress, but also have some guidelines.

Dress in normal street clothes rather than typical “church clothes”.

Please avoid: Dirty and/or wrinkled clothing, sleepwear or “lazy” wear, excess of bright and/or clashing colors, clothing with controversial messaging.

For women – Modesty is an important factor in what we wear. We represent Jesus, and our church, when we are on stage and do not want anyone in our church to be distracted by low-cut tops, spaghetti strap tops, shirts that expose the stomach or clothing that is too tight.

If there is a consistent record of disregard to procedures and guidelines addressed in the Epic Music Handbook, such as tardiness or lack of preparation, you may be asked to take a break from serving, or may not able to serve on the worship team. Please do your best to communicate with your leadership as soon as you may encounter something that may have a conflict with the Epic Music Handbook. Remember, everything we do is to serve our church. Our goal is for people who do not know Jesus to see life in us as we lead worship. What you do and how you lead is so important.

✖️ fam